Five Interesting Things You Didn’t Know about Indian Railway Booking

Booking a train ticket in the Indian Railways was considered to be a big hassle a decade ago as people had to wait in long queues to get a ticket. Things have become easier in the recent past with the advent of train ticket online booking. However, irrespective of whether it’s conventional ticket booking or online booking, there are few things that you might not have known about Indian Railway booking. Here’s a quick look into some such aspects so that you can make the most out of them.

Extend Your Source or Destination City and Get a Confirmed Train Ticket

train ticket online booking

If your ticket is on waiting list for the source-destination you’ve selected, change the source or destination place to a station that comes few stops before your boarding or alighting station. In few cases, there’s a greater chance of getting a confirmed ticket for such a source-destination pair. Even if not for a confirmed ticket, you might get a better waiting list number.

Reservation in Tatkal Quota Opens Two or More Days Before

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We all know that Tatkal reservation opens a day before the date of travel at 11am for non-AC class and 10am for AC class. However, if your train is scheduled to leave from the boarding station a day after it starts from its source station, reservation in tatkal quota opens two days before your journey.

Avail a Confirmed Berth in LB (Lower Berth) Quota

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If a male passenger above the age of 60 or female passenger over the age of 45 is travelling alone, the reservation system will by default allot them in vacant LB (Lower Berth) quota wherein they can avail a confirmed berth even though the status for the same trip is waitlisted in general quota.

Circular Journey

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If travellers want to go on a trip wherein the number of destination places is in the range of four and eight, they can choose circular journey tickets. The trip should start and finish at the same station for such a ticket. Circular tickets are beneficial because of their telescopic prices, which are significantly lower when compared to the usual point-to-point rates.

Be Careful If the Train Departure Time Is Post Midnight

In some cases wherein the departure time of the train at the boarding station of the passenger is post-midnight (for ex: 12.30 am), ensure that you fill in the date of journey as the next day.

train ticket online booking

Do you know of any more of such things that many travellers are not usually aware of? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. The information can be helpful for many travellers like you.

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