Essential Apps for Mac OS X Under $50

Internet is full of applications that can be used for all kinds of purposes ranging from audio/video streaming, editing, storing files, backing them up, recovering lost photos and files, and much more. Here are top 5 awesome Mac apps that can be bought under $50, and can turn out to be extremely handy. These apps are certainly worth your money, when you compare them with tons of other free apps available on the Internet.


SuperSync keeps tons of iTunes collection in Sync. When you speak about iTunes libraries, streaming is awesome. However, if you want to sync these libraries across several Macs, it can turn out to be quite a painful affair. But, SuperSync makes it possible in a breeze, as it synchronizes iTunes by syncing the libraries over internet. It is perfect for people who make use of multiple devices. SuperSync also has several tricked-out features. Record companies usually make the process of transferring music from iPod to a PC unnecessarily difficult; SuperSync also handles this, and several other tasks with simplicity.

essential apps for mac


In the productivity category, WriteRoom is available at $24.95 from Hog Bay Software. It is a light text editor that comes in full-screen mode. Whenever you start a new document, everything gets faded on the desktop and you can see a friendly green text and black screen for a clutter.

Escape Key here toggles between windowed mode and full-screen mode that resembles TextEdit with live word count. Preferences here offer more customization options such as character counts, auto-save, and text appearance in full-screen mode.

essential apps for mac


With the help of a DropBox Mac app, you can transfer large files easily. DropBox is a cloud-based storage drive, where you can access your PC or iPhone without any hassle. You just need to pop the files into Dropbox folder on Mac, and it automatically syncs with the online disks and also with other machines with the application installed. You can even share files and folders with Dropbox users. You can increase the storage to 50GB for just $10 per month.

essential apps for mac


When it comes to content creation, Ringer is the easiest and quickest way to create ringtones from your audio files and favorite songs. Ringer offers complete access to iTunes; it works with AAC, MP3, MOV, M4V, MP4, and QuickTime files. You can also try making ringtone from video files. Super-simple editor with the waveform info makes a snap to select a particular part of the audio.

essential apps for mac

Clean My Mac

CleanMyMac 2 creates space for things that you love more such as photos, movies apps, and more. You might not be aware that older folders and files, iPhoto images copies, outdated updates, and other items can consume more space on Mac.

Clean My Mac is a utility app from Mac. Irrespective of the notebook you have, whether it is Mac Pro or MacBook Air, when you don’t find enough space on the internal discs, Clean My Mac will help you in clearing the problem. In the latest version, you also get added iPhoto support.

essential apps for mac

Photo Editing Apps

When you consider photography and image editing apps, there are several image editing apps for Mac such as GIMP and Pinta. HDR is the best photo program for Mac.

essential apps for mac

When you speak about the best photo software for Mac under $50, Pixelmator is the ideal option, and if you increase your budget to $100, then you’d find loads of other options too.

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Victor James is a Bachelor's Degree holder in Social Sciences. He is quite passionate about photography, and needs to use various photo programs for Mac. And, Pixemlator is his favourite photo program for Mac, because it’s quite affordable.

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